People and Land Management Committee

The People and Land Management committee has several functions. They assess public perceptions and concerns regarding elk and elk management options.

They collect information regarding elk damage in the surrounding community, particularly those related to recreation, such as city parks, golf courses, and hiking trails. Using information from the Research and Management committee, they then provide recommendations for addressing these impacts, which include providing for essential elk migration and habitat corridors through urbanized areas.

They maintain current and annual numbers on elk/vehicle collisions and, integrating that data with data from the Research and Management Committee, provide these to the state, county, and cities for use in addressing zoning considerations and safety needs.

They also work with local community organizations to enhance the benefits that elk bring to the area through tourism and wildlife viewing.

We are currently seeking a chair for this committee. Members in good standing (active or honorary) of the Elk Management Group are encouraged to attend the next General Meeting if they are interested.