Guiding Documents and Policy

USVEMG-Board & Committee Chair-Update 5/21/18 UPDATED BOARD AND COMMITTEE CHAIRS 18-5-21

USVEMG-Board-Update 9/28/17

USVEMG-Board-Update 9/20/16

Upper Snoqualmie Valley Elk Management Group Board Officers-7/11/16

Current Bylaws 4-18-2016 USVEMG

Current Bylaws USVEMG, 6 pages 49.81KB, Oct. 2014

Officers and Directors USVEMG, 1 page 70.79KB, Oct. 2014

Telemetry Waiver USVEMG, 1 page 58KB, March 2015

EMG Equal Opportunity, Human Relations and Sexual Harrassment Prevention Policies USVEMG, 2 pages, 89KB, Jan. 2015

Original Approved Bylaws USVEMG, 9 pages 348KB, June 2009.

Federal Non-Profit Authorization IRS, 2 pages 150KB, Sept. 2009.

Initial Guiding Document USVEMG, 4 pages, 74KB, Nov. 2008.

Liability Waiver